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The Butt Vacuum From Devine Drip Beauty Bar

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Easy and Surgery-Like Results Without the Pain or Recovery

When it comes to your body, you deserve to feel confident and beautiful at all times! At Devine Drip Beauty Bar, we’re here to offer you the perfect way to shape and sculpt your body without the use of exercise, surgical procedures, or needles. Experience same day results that require absolutely no down time, allowing you to get back to your life with full confidence! Your dream body can be easily attainable. Finally, you’ll be able to feel confident and content no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

We use Butt Vacuum Therapy, to help you target that stubborn fat in order to shape and sculpt your buttocks to get your desired look. No matter what season it is or if you’re looking to get in shape for your next event, it's the perfect way to boost your confidence whether you’re looking to get this for yourself or as a gift!

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What Is The Butt Vacuum?

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This non-surgical buttock lift gives a significant, long-lasting lift that raises, repositions, and tightens the skin. Combination of equipment tones the gluteal muscles, migrates fat to that area, and smooths the skin also getting rid of cellulite.

No pain, no surgery, no downtime with awesome same-day results. You can gain between one and three inches during your first session. The procedure takes 40-50 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

We recommend about three to six sessions to see full results; our technicians will be able to give you a more clear number upon your consultation.

What To Expect

During your butt enhancement vacuum therapy treatment, a cup will be placed on each targeted area. The device uses negative pressure within the cup for local continuous opening and closing to promote skin respiration, increasing its oxygen intake which strengthens buttocks tissue and stimulates growth. Secondly, the cups will vibrate and create a high-frequency vibration to cause stretch reflex within the buttocks. This means that the muscles contract involuntarily creating the effects of exercise without the exertion of conventional exercises.

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Our mission is to offer our clients personalized service, dramatic skin care improvement, and body shaping with non-invasive therapies, and overall a unique experience of well being. Our vision is to give back the beautiful skin she or he was born with, and the body they have always wanted. We want everyone to feel beautiful inside and out. We are very excited to help you with our award winning technology that has been clinically proven.

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